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CMP initiatives
Report of CMP for the month of April to November 2012The new academic session begins on 02-04-2012.1.      Pravesh Utsav for class I students – A grand celebration was organized by the Principal, Headmistress, Teachers and students of Kendriya Vidyalaya Port Trust to welcome the tiny tots on 02-04-2012 various programmes were arranged to entertain the students of     class I. 2.      Physical Facilities like resograph, computer with internet connectivity, scanner, printer, copier, LCD projector, DVD player, Overhead projector, etc have been acquired by our school exclusively for Primary section. 3.      A very spacious well equipped Resource room with the above physical facilities, decorated with charts, TLM and library books is set up for Primary students. 4.      Class Supervision of Primary teachers are done regularly by the Principal and Headmistress. Necessary instructions are given to the teachers wherever required. 5.      Time Table is framed as per CMP norms. 6.      TLM An advance of Rs. 5000/- is taken every month. Items are purchased as per the requirement given by the teachers. TLM used is recorded in a register. 7.      Class Library – Each section of class I- V maintains separate class library. They write the book’s name, author & impression of the book in the library handbook maintained by the students. Hanging libraries are present in each class. 8.      Educational Film shows are arranged class wise as per the time table for 80 minutes. Students are given a brief and morals learned are discussed. On 24/9/2012 an interesting film named “ CHITRAKUZAL” was shown to all the primary students. 9.      Morning Assembly – Theme wise morning assembly in Hindi and English are being conducted from class I- V. Each class presents the assembly program in Hindi and English. A new word is introduced in each day .Meaning of the new word is given in three languages in Hindi, English and Malayalam. 1.      CCA – CCA competitions are being conducted meticulously during the 8th period on Friday Record of activities maintained in the CCA register. CCA prizes for the session 2011-12 were distributed on 8-5-2012. 2.      Activity Sheets- Teachers have prepared one activity sheet and one worksheet for each lesson. 3.      PTA meetings- Parent Teacher meetings are held at 12.00 on last working day of every month. 4.      CMP meetings Headmistress and staff meeting are conducted on last working day to discuss the various agendas in strengthening of CMP. Meeting is conducted on the last working day of every month. A meeting was held on 10-7-2012 in resource room and discussed about how to promote child friendly learning through activities and exploration oriented learning experience. 5.      CAL/ TAL classes are taken as per time table and a register is maintained.  6.      Scrutiny of re evaluated answer sheets- The scrutiny of 10% answer scripts of class III to V was conducted in KV Ernakulam on 3-4-2012. Four teachers from this Vidyalaya attended the above programme. 7.      EVS Exhibition- An EVS exhibition was organized exclusively for primary children on 7th May 2012. Under the guidance of teachers, students made different models, working models and charts of various topics.  8.      An eye-check up was conducted by Lotus eye hospital, Kochi for students of primary section on 30-06-2012. 9.      Formative Assessment I (2012-13) Formative Assessment I was conducted from 9-7-12 to 30-7-12 every week on Mondays. Same subject exam was conducted every Monday for class III to V. 10.  Sports & Games- From July 5th to 7th Various events like 100 mts race, long jump, sack race, etc were conducted for Primary classes.  11.  Meeting of  Principal, Class Teachers & Subject TeachersThe meeting is decided to be conducted the class wise meeting from class I to V on the following days of every month.Class I- 2nd Monday of every monthClass II – 2nd Tuesday of every monthClass III- 2nd Wednesday of every monthClass IV- 2nd Thursday of every monthClass V- 2nd Friday of every monthThe following points also discussed.-          For class I, the bridging the gap between regular students and the late admitted students.-          To have a proper interaction between class teachers of different section.-          To discuss both scholastic and non scholastic achievements of students.-          Target need to be achieved for students who have learning disabilities.-          Coverage of syllabus. 21. Investiture Ceremony on 25/7/12                           The Vidyalaya Chairman Shri.Paul Antony IAS was the chief guest for the investiture Ceremony on 25/7/12.The chief guest and Mr. Cyril .C.George (Secretary, Port Trust) who also attended the function conferred the badges to the Primary school leader and deputy leaders.HM (I/C) House masters and Class Teachers conferred the badges for house leaders, deputy leaders, class leaders and deputy leaders.22. First Cluster level CMP Meeting on 25/7/12                 First Cluster level CMP meeting for the academic year 2012-2013 was conducted at K.V.Eranakulam on 25/7/12.Our Principal and one teacher participated in the meeting.The following topics were discussed
  1. Celebration of Grand Parent’s Day.
  2. Cluster level Sports events.
  3. Cluster level C.C.A events.
  4. Publication of Vidayalaya Pathrika under CMP.
 23. National year of Mathematics        National year of Mathematics was celebrated in our Vidyalaya with various programmes on 27/7/12. The Primary classes had on the spot painting competition.   Topics for classes I & I       1. Picture of numbers.        2. Geometrical Shapes.       Topics for classes III, IV & V           1. Maths in nature. 2. Maths in daily life            24. CMP meeting               A CMP meeting was conducted in IV A class room on 28/7/12 to discuss about conducting various programmes like Grandparents Day, Cluster level sports events publication of Vidyalaya  Pathrika etc.25. Grand Parent’s Day Celebration                   The Grandparent’s Day celebration was organized on 4/8/12 .The grandparent’s were welcomed for the morning assembly .They were escorted by the Principal, Headmistress senior teachers and KVPT band team. They were given the scout clap and salute.                            The day’s programme commenced by rekindling the lamp by Principal ,senior Grandparents ,H.M etc .It was followed by welcome speech by the Principal .Each grandparent was given a welcome card and flower by class leaders. Various cultural events were organized to entertain the grandparents. Tea and snacks were arranged followed by sports events for the Grandparents.26. Onam Celebration                                          Onam celebration was organized on 27/8/12 with various cultural programmas like onapattu competition  and onapookalam .Payasam was  distributed to all the primary students.27.Medical Checkup                          First phase of medical checkup started on 27/7/12,and was completed by 10/9/12. 28. C.C.E                   FAI for classes III to V was completed on 30/7/12 and based on the performance children were selected for remedial classes .29.REMEDIAL TEACHING FOR STUDENTS                    Remedial teaching for students who need guidance is being conducted since the month of August .After school from 2.40 the students who need guidance are  giving remedial classes till 3.40.30. C.C.E    For class I & III four cycles of CCE have been completed    SA- I for classes III to V was conducted from 19/9/12 to 22/9/12 .Distribution of progress cards to the parents was on 6/10/12. 31. Hindi Fortnight Celebration        From 14th September to 27th September Hindi Fortnight celebration was organized for classes I to V .During which various competition were conducted like recitation, storytelling, handwriting etc. Prizes were awarded on 29th September 2012. 32. Annual Day Celebration          Annual Day was celebrated on 11/10/12 with varieties of wonderful programmes.Students of Primary classes participated in various programme.  33. Second Cluster level CMP Meeting on 30/10/12                     Second Cluster level CMP Meeting for the academic year 2012-13 was conducted at KV Nad Aluva on 30/10/12. Our principal and the senior most PRT participated in the meeting.Agenda Points1. Cluster level competitions –Sports , CCA and Cubs –Bulbuls utsav2. Suggestion for preparation of a Question Bank for Quiz and Spelling Bee.3. Field Trip/Educational Tour.4. A workshop on preparation of TLM. 34. Aerobic Exercises                                     Aerobic Exercise has been introduced for Primary students recently .Students find it interesting to do exercise with the music rhythm. 35.Cluster Level CCA Competition                       The Cluster Level CCA competition held at KV No2 Kochi on 9/11/12.Selected students of this Vidyalaya classes  III to V participated in drawing &painting Spell Bee,Collage,Quiz Rangoli and Group Song competition at KV No2 Kochi on 9/11/12. 36.Children’s Day Celebration                        Children’s Day was celebrated on 14th November 2012.The programmes included fancy dress competition ,community lunch and clay modeling competition .Thus Children’s Day become instrumental for bring out the hidden talents of children .They also enjoyed learning to share and care with the joyful sprit of this day remaining through out the year.37.No Bag Day                          Children’s Day 14th November was celebrated as No Bag Day. 38.Remedial Classes                      Remedial classes for slow learners are being conducted regularly from 8:15 to 9 am. 39. CMP Cluster Level Sports Meet                           The Cluster Level Sports Meet (Group Item) under CMP for  classes III to V  was held at KV Ernakulam on 17/11/12.The events of the competition were Throw Ball , Chess and Football .Selected  students of our Vidyalaya participated in different events and won many prizes. 40.Workshop On Preparation Of TLM                     A workshop was conducted on preparation of TLM on 18/11/12 at KV No1.Kochi.Two senior teachers from our school participated in the workshop.  






AISSCE 2019 

 Vidyalaya secured 100% pass in AISSCE 2019 with a PI of 74.77. Ms HARITHA GS and Ms MEERA MOHAN secured 95.40  and topped in SCIENCE stream.

BLESSON K SAJI secured 96.8% and topped in COMMERCE STREAM. Hearty Congratulations to all students and staff members of KV PORT TRUST.











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